Looking for a 19-20" LCD TV purely for playing games ie Wii and PS2

As title.

We are looking for an LCD TV, no smaller than 19" only to play Wii and PS2 games on and occasional retro consoles when the fancy takes.

Not sure at all what we need and whether or not we could use a computer monitor?? Haven't a clue what to look for, I have looked but do get confused easily. All our TV's are CRT so am looking to start to change.

Looking for as cheap as possible but good too (obviously)!

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Oh...big no.

You do NOT want to play retro consoles on an LCD. Let alone a PS2. They scale poorly and look like a disgusting mess

Please stick to crt, you'll be happy that way!

LCD will only please you if you nab yourself a 360 or PS3 in the future.
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