Looking for a 2.4 ghz or more processor + for less that £700

    I am looking at getting a laptop but I dont want to spend over £700

    here is the spec I am looking for

    17" screen
    good processor - over 2.4 gigg
    4ghz memory
    blue ray player
    340 gig + Hard Drive Storage

    Anyone got any ideas.

    Dell dont quite match me for price.


    I can't see anything with all that for that price.
    You might get closer if you drop down to 2.2GHz or drop the blu-ray.
    You also might get slightly better deals after Christmas.
    Have you tried using pricerunner to see what's available?

    This seems to have nearly everything except the disk (300GB instead of 340GB) and processor speed (2.1GHz instead of 2.4GHz), but at 2.1GHz it will only be about 10% slower:…tml

    Original Poster

    Thanks that looks ok.....

    I think I will go with your first bit of advice and wait for any sales in January.

    I hope they bring this one down in price

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