Looking for a 32" LCD TV to play xbox 360 on

    looking for a cheap 32" LCD tv to play abox 360 on...

    A friend suggested this but not sure if its any good?…353

    Not sure what to look for really


    I would personally stick to well known big brands such as LG etc, the price may be larger but you get the assurance that the quality of the product is higher in comparison with some of the other similar products developed by smaller less experienced firms.

    If you need a new mobile then Carphone Warehouse have an offer for a free 32" Samsung with a Samsung C3050 :thumbsup:

    My husband got this one for the bedroom to play his PS3 on. A little bit more in price but I would rather pay it and get a named model.…htm

    seen some in tescos today saw a 19 inch for about £130 and 22 inch for £150, or if you needed a new xbox too there was a 23.5inch tv and xbox for £280, which i thought was a great deal!

    Go for a Samsung 32 b450 read the review of this at What Hifi .Com. aim to buy for £300
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