Looking For A 42" Television...

    Help!! We have no clue about the best TV on the market, plasma / lcd, basically i want a good tv with a good picure, we watched the telly a fair bit and use it for the wii,

    can anyone reccomend theirs or have seen a belter!



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    thanks alot guys:thumbsup:

    , we have an LG at the mo, and we don't like it!! so would prefer to stay clear of LG :whistling:

    anythin else?

    are you absolute on the size? Would you go any bigger or smaller?

    What makes are you thinking of?

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    we have a 32"LG which is a monster in the corner! so a size 40 ish would be great, samsung, sony or toshiba? to be honest i don't have a clue what good / bad / or indifferent! thanks

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    monster meaning it's massive out the back!!

    Be quick, look at thye M&S Deal of the Day. Great price for a 42in well respected TV, and looks good for SD TV too.

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    we got a belter at weekend, big thanks for everyones input, rep left :thumbsup:
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