Looking for a 55" TV , Any recommendations

Found 24th Jan
Looking for a new TV for the man cave
Preferably 55" , have a 60" plasma at the mo
Cost around £600 ?
Seen a few in Curry's tonight
Panasonic tx-55ex58 £549
Think it's discontinued
The other is ....
LG 55uj634v
£499 till Tuesday
Not fussed about smart remote LG offerSo many choices on the market and model numbersAnyone throw any other TVs into the equation
Only need 2 hdmis , 1 usb , and 55"
Would like freesat (Panasonic above hasn't got that) Not fussed about freeview
Ideally a smart TV as have internet in the cabin
Noticed a few have Amazon and i have prime
Anyone have any recommendations ??
Tv not used all the time , mainly entertaining or chilling out with the ps4
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