looking for a 9ct gold locket and chain

    Can anybody help me i'm looking for a 9ct yellow gold locket and chain for a friends birthday but would like to spend no more than £60 which i know is not a lot. Her birthday is at the end of the month so i'm running out time can't wait until black friday as she is going on holiday for her birthday looked on ebay but keep getting outbid. Any help, suggestions, links, comments etc would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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    how about this one. £39.99 down from £54.99 looks good. got one for my wife last year and she loves it.'s_Locket

    H Samuels usually have some good deals on Lockets

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    Thanks for your help everyone shes picky so the argos one is out because its gold rolled the H Samuels look ok but I don't see any she would love. Still looking if anyone else has any more suggestions.

    Warren James have a gold locket for £45 - you would need to check out the quality though.

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    Thanks but i already spotted this one I know she wont wear it as its gold bonded shame as I think its really nice. Thanks anyway though.
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