Looking for a basic but good pc?


    I'm looking for a cheap pc suitable for web browsing and basic publisher stuff. I need it cheap but i dont want it to be slug speed.

    Any ideas?



    Hi, Do U Want Brand New Or U Dont Mind Second Hand.

    Original Poster

    I dont mind second hand if its a suitable one.

    Not sure what you call cheap

    This Dell system unit for £200 is terrific value for money.

    A decent processor, 2Gb of memory, large 250Gb disk, and Vista Home Premium.

    You could not build yourself a system unit for this price.

    Yes you have to add a monitor (or may already have one) and a keyboard and mouse, but at less than £200 I would go for it…e=2

    I would not go for the monitors on that Dell offer, they seem very expensive. You can buy a TFT monitor for under £100 anywhere nowadays.

    Here is a 19" for about £80 that was posted recently.…it/
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