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Found 6th Mar 2006

Im looking for a decent new/refurb bicycle, adult mens, eithet mountain bike type or shopping/touring type.

Anyone seen anything worth noting?

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Have you tried Sterling House or do you want more upmarket stuff?

Cash Generator normaly have some cheap bikes in, I got mine from there bran new for £80.

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Thanks Kommunist, thats a good site, i've not heard of it before, have given you some Karma

Cash generators is ok, but i'm after more of a trekking bike than a mtb

thanks again

There are some other sites that sell "more advanced" stuff.

I personally bought from Mail Order Cycles and CycleSportsUK - service was simply perfect in both cases. They really knew what they were talking about and in case of my neighbour, who bought Giant Expression for 126 quid from CycleSportsUK (plastic mudguard arrived broken) - problems were rectified in no time.


Have you tried Sterling House or do you want more upmarket stuff?

the BOGOF offer looks awesome.but what about just one Bike+accessories.

Well, they are selling el cheapo MTB for 50 quid + 10 quid delivery. Your local supermarket could probably offer you same sort of bike for similar money.
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