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Found 9th Mar 2011
Hi guys. I want to start cycling together with my running, now that it's starting to get a bit nicer. However, my old bike is now absolutely knackered! I'm after a new one, so I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of an offer somewhere for a 'cheap' budget mountain bike, but is pretty decent.

Can anyone recommend anything? Or know of anywhere that sells decent bikes for cheap, or has good offers on them?

Cheers guys

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What's your budget etc etc?
I'm in the same position at the moment. Sold my old bike last autumn. I'm off later to check out the Carrera Vulcan and a GT Aggressor - both similar spec and price around £260 mark.

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I wouldn't really want to go above £150 really - I don't know much about bikes though, so I don't know if that's unrealistic. A £300 bike half price somewhere would be just the ticket!

At that price point I would consider a 2nd hand bike, or consider a bike to work scheme to maximise your £££ (google cycle to work for more info).

bikeradar.com has a large forum with specific "for sale" sections

singletrackworld.com has a off road bike specific forum again with a healthy "for sale" section.

I would consider taking a look at those. There are last years models and some good bargains to be had every now and then, but mostly at the £200+ level.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for that mate. Very helpful.

If you're after a budget mountain bike, hunt out a Giant Boulder. They're around £250 but a decent quality for the price. Much below that on new bikes and the quality falls away faster than the price.

Cyclescheme's a good way to do it if you can - save around a third and automatically get it interest free over a year. It then becomes a question of what can you afford per month for 12 months.
For less than a Sky package (£30/month) you could have a £500 bike!
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