Looking for a bicycle for under £100

    I put bicycle because I believe the type I want is a "Hybrid" as I will be using it for commuting to work (4 miles on the road) and maybe a bit of off road use. I don't know whether I need full suspension or just front suspension, any advice would be a great as well.

    Can anyone recommend me one for under £100?

    There is this one in Halfords:…956

    But it has got some poor reviews.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    at that cost the quality will be low everything will be cheap and will wear out in no time

    My advice would be buy something second hand at that cost and have your local bilke shop service it for £20

    i agree with what has already been said. Unfortunately you get what you pay for. I can't look at your link cause im on my mobile, but for 100quid im not sure it will be suitable for a daily commute to work though go and see it in the flesh first. A second hand bike would probably be better suited. Stick with no suspension or front only. Cheap full suspension are more hassle than they are worth

    Second hand is definitely the way to go, i've had a few cheap bikes for the kids from Halfords and they are crap. Had 5 or 6 bikes from Halfords and something always falls off after the so called "Halfords service"

    Front suspension would suit you better me thinks, if the bike is mainly for road use no sense in carrying a ton of extra weight and a bike that will bounce up and down, instead of moving forward.

    £100 for an adults bike that will get plenty of use. You get what you pay for, If I were you I would try and save up a little more.



    Couple here look OK for the money
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