Looking for a birthday cake for my 1 yr old?

Found 1st Apr 2009
Hi there, i am looking for a nice birthday cake for my little boys 1st birthday, it needs to be big enough for around 17 servings and not too expensive, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!
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we were in this situation for my 2yr old a month back. In the end we just went to tesco and got the thomas the tank engine cake for around £9. In the end we bought 2 had still had plenty left over depending on how you want to cut the slices. They also do disney, cars, power rangers and other stuff. Think you will find the same in asda and sainsburys too.


Make one.

Make large sponges in roasting trays.
Layer them together and carve the shape you want.
Then ice for decoration.
Very easy to do, i did a large Batmobile for a 5 year old.
I had to turn down orders for other cakes from parents who attended the party.

It only cost £4.
If you can go to about £20, Waitrose cakes are the best, but have to order in advance.
Otherwise, M&S do a good selection for around £5 - £10.
theres massive cakes in asda for around £10-£15
asda do the one where you can get your own photo on it, we thought it was especially cute because he couldn't quite understand what was going on, cruel i know ut so cute.
You can buy a photocake from asda, it is just a large iced cake, and decorate it yourself.
I did that for my son's first, it turned out really good. I used pre-coloured icing and icing pens too which I got from asda too.
sainsburys has some huge thomas ones in
Costco or asda.xxx
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