Looking for a boys baby walker.

    Does anyone know if there is any decent deals on baby walkers. I have 7month old baby who's ready for the first step.



    have you looked at your local freecycle site…om/

    There are usually some being offered on there.

    i've ordered the chicco dj one from empirestores £39.99, then added some cheap sale stuff to make it up to £50, then used the code on here for £25 off when you spend £50. its £40 in mothercare. have'nt trie dit yet as my girl is only 30 weeks, just preparing!!

    We got one from Mothercare when I son was born 7ish years ago and used it again for our daughter, she used it from 4 months and is still in it now at 17months (she hasn't worked out how to climb out yet!) The thing we love about it is that it hasn't got wheels on so they can't whizz off round the house which means constant supervision. Our one actually has a weighted part and the walker can spin round 360 degrees on that point.

    Mothercare don't sell the exact one but they do a few similar.....…ore…ore

    I personally dont think baby walkers are a good idea, would never use one as babies should be able to explore and develop at their own rate. Baby walkers teach babies to walk on on tipy-toes, causing tight heel and leg muscles and possibly delaying sitting and crawling. The modern babywalkers that have play trays prevent your baby from seeing what their legs and feet are doing as well so delay gross motor development.

    some here starting at £20 plus postage.

    I personally don't like them. My partners Mum a child minder and she insisted on letting us borrow 1 for a bit,anyway we stuck Connor in and the thing tipped up,never again.I think it was fir for rubbish tip,but she enusred us it was working fine.
    They will get up and walk when ready,I've not really any room for 1 anyway as soon as you leave my living room,only bit of a landing and 6 or so steps up and down cos way my house is and tiny living room.
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