Looking for a break in May, anyone heard of any good deals?

    Hi all,

    Want either a short holiday, or a few nights on a city break around 7th may (bfs bday) to take him away somewhere nice before our big break in june - flying from exeter airport. Ive searched every website for HOURS but im really struggling to find something under £350 quid!!

    Dont want everyone searching for me obviously but if anyones heard of any good deals,or have booked similar yourself it would be much appreciated x


    Is that £350 per person or for both of you together?

    How many nights is your minimum and maximum?

    Ive found recently getting cheap flights and a seperate hotel is a lot cheaper than package holidays but do any of the low cost airlines fly from Exeter? Would you travel to Bristol to get a decent deal with Easyjet or Ryanair who go from there??

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    350 for both, as i ony wanted to go for 3 nights really. Yes looks like ill have to go from bristol!

    Thanks for the advice on seperate-wil have a good look!

    Have a look on site like hotelopia for accommodation, ive used them quite a few times now and they have been great, they have pretty good quidco , 10% last time i looked, and i think there is still a 5% off voucher code kicking around on here for them.

    They also seem to have some good january offers on the site itself from an email I got from them the other day, really just depends where you want to go but id have a look on ] for flights as i think just about all the low cost airlines are on there now.

    Hi - I've been looking too. The only decent holidays from Exeter would be to Amsterdam but they still seem to be over budget. I'm now thinking of going from Bristol - Ryanair have lots of cheap flights if you don't mind what date you go.

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