Looking for a budget gaming laptop

Posted 26th Dec 2019
Hey looking for a laptop to run some rts, turnbased games such as civ 6 and similar for around the £500-£650.

Really unsure about laptop processors and gpus so any advice or recommdations are welcome.


This is the one I've been looking at but would ideally like to bring the cost down slightly.

Thanks in advance,
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That laptop seems pretty good, no HDD but has decent specs and battery life great. Remember you can get 18% cashback on quidco too!
The battery life ain't so important as I usually have my laptop plugged in other than moving from room to room.
Decent one, or go for Acer nitro 5
Got a link to a decent priced one? Sure they were over £700?
I'm guessing you're after portability? Or is there another reason you're not looking for a desktop?
I'd like to be able to move between rooms so must be a laptop but will be plugged in almost always so battery life ain't a deal breaker
Yeah they are more than 750£ up, this hp it's a top tier in this price at the moment
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