Looking for a camcorder

    (I do not 'do' technical at all, )

    I am looking for a camcorder for our holidays, christmas and generally catching the kids growing up! i would like to be able to put whatever is recorded onto DVD (if this is even possible?)

    Could anyone help me and point me in the right direction, I need one for end of September, I dont have alot of money at all to spend, so nothing over £150 really., I have no idea what to look for so dont even know where to start?!

    I would consider a used one if you have one for sale, as long as the condition was good and it comes with all instructions etc.



    Very good camcorder strainght onto mini DVD.......ive have one and dont really use it much and maybe interested in selling at the right price....

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    That looks like the type I like, but a bit over budget what kind do you have for (possible) sale?


    That looks like the type I like, but a bit over budget what kind do … That looks like the type I like, but a bit over budget what kind do you have for (possible) sale?

    I have exacctly the same one, its just that i dont use it much as i tend to use the video function on my camera. Not sure what sort of price.....only had it for just over a an extra super battery that lasts for around 3-4hrs. probably not looking for much more than around £130 including delivery. will have a look around and see what price they are going for....:thumbsup:

    don't bother with a vido camera - get something like the Panasonic Lumix TS1 - it has HD and the quality is brilliant. ALso drop proof and waterproof.

    I got the Kodak palm sized one for christmas and it's good, very easy to put on Pc then on to dvd. I'm struggle with anything computery so if I can do it I'm sure you could. Think my husband paid around £100 might be worth a look at?

    I've got a Samsung MX20, which I got last year for about £140 - so they should at least be around the same price. I know that you're looking for something that records onto DVD, but this Samsung uses SD Cards, which I find are much more versatile than the mini DVD's. I've got a 16gb card in mine at the moment and it records hours and hours of stuff. Its nice and light and small - and dead easy to use. The kids love using it too because of this...

    I did have a Sony DVD camcorder, but you're obviously limited to the capacity of each of the DVD's - unless of course you buy the RW ones.

    So if you're thinking of budget - this is just an alternative suggestion.

    Your best bet is fleabay.
    I picked up a touchscreen Sony handycam last week for 55 quid
    Well happy!

    never buy the dvd recorders they really are yesterdays news and pretty shoddy way of recording. Get one that records straight to a hard drive. that way they can link straight to your pc to put on dvd. the ones that record to a dvd are always going wrong as the discs get corrupted to easily

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    I have left you all some rep, thank you,.

    I am not keen buying things like this on ebay, i prefer to buy stuff like this from a shop so i have someone i can go to and shout at if it doesnt work!
    Could anyone post a link of a decent camcorder under budget of where i can buy it from?

    is this one any good?:…_id|1&Nao=0&groupId=565330302Ν=this_product&SNtk=generic_search&Np=1&SN=103+85&Ntt=565330302&D=565330302&Ntk=group_search&Dx=mode%2bmatchall&thisprod=565330302&N=103+85&Nty=1&Mis_item_id=15&Mis_item_loc_id=1&product=565330302&pageSize=12

    This is the Kodak one…%3E
    not the cheapest here as it was cheaper in Comet and Currys think about £80 but out of stock, maybe have a look and see elsewhere
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