Looking for a camera to check on the dog?

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Found 8th Jul 2014
Hi guys,

So I've recently moved house (out of my parents) and now my dog has to spend a lot more time on her own when I go to work.

I leave for work about half 8, I get a dog walker in each day about 1pm and they walk her for about an hour and then I return home between 5 & 6.

I know it's not ideal and the dog is being left on it's own for quite a number of hours during the day but I walk her for about 45 mins every morning and she is a really lazy dog so when I leave for work I hope she just sleeps until the dog walker comes round.

But I know some dogs act very different when on their own and I would hate for her to be very anxious and just sitting by the front door all day crying and barking.

So I'm looking for some sort of CCTV system or cameras I can put on the wall and watch how she acts. Wether it just records on a USB and I watch it back later or it links to my phone or a webstite so I can check anytime how she's doing. I don't want to spend loads, I suppose £100 max. Does anyone have any good ideas or advice on the hardware?


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This is on offer at Argos:



just get a cheap webcam

certain laptops can do this

Get a webcam - get some security software ( plenty of free choices here ) and just record movement or just stream your webcam ( plenty of free options here )(password protect it) and you can either watch from any internet browser or record
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thanks guys, didn't think about using a regular webcam or laptop


dog caught on webcamhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPXTpDeEIYw

Literally lol'd at that.
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