Looking for a Canon PowerShot S3 IS 6.0 MP 12x opt.zoom

    My digicam died earlier this week, much to my dismay. After asking a few friends who do photography for a hobby, they reccomended this model, a Canon PowerShot S3 IS 6.0 MP (12x opt.zoom). The site they linked me to is this…wof Camera site, looks foreign but is there anywhere cheaper? I'm a student, and would prefer to buy online, but anywhere cheap is good.

    Sorry my first post is a request, but I'm a long time lurker! :oops:


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    Thanks! So can anyone help? My first digicam was a present, about 5 years ago, and I'm really clueless

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    Ok, cool, I'll research it!

    If you are looking at other cameras, then ConsumerSearch can be useful for looking over a number of different reviews:
    ]Digital Cameras, ]Ultra Compact or ]Ultra zoom.

    I'm thinking about getting the S3's successor, the S5 IS, once prices come down a bit (it's just coming out) as I'm looking into getting an UltraZoom.

    Komplett have £6.75 delivery charge which makes the price a little less attractive though I have used them for computer parts previously. For price comparisons, ]http//ww….uk has been recommended at times but isn't much use for the S3 at the moment while ]http//ww…cfm suggests that buyacamera could sell it for £203 and RankHour for £202 (if you are happy with 7-10 day free delivery).
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