Looking for a car / road play mat, material not plastic for max of £10. Please

    Bought a garage and wanted to get a play mat to go with it. Found one @ ELC but its £25.
    Have seen them in wilkinsons but called in my local today and they havent got them.
    Any help would be great.

    Many Thanks


    hi, we bought this one from argos for our son to go with his elc garage, hardwearing & surprisingly bigger than i thought it would be too! £12.69 here: ]http//ww…rug hope that helps

    Bye a sheet of 8x4 ply and you can make one to entirely your own spec and even expand on it later with another sheet. You can match it to whatever cars they have and include things they like. If space is a problem - cut it so it folds by gluing material to the rear side where you want it to fold.

    It hardly requires an artist, and you know best what toys your kid has and what their likes are. Obviously the roads on yours would match exactly the ones coming from the garage too!

    You can also have a different layout on each side too.

    Tescos and sainsburys have them
    Think they were only bout a fiver (or less) each.

    Original Poster

    Thank you all very much

    get one from ikea or a supermarket. Making your own is like child abuse.

    Home bargains had them recently
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