Looking for a Caravan Awning Size 10 / to fit 890 for first caravan - picking up Friday!

    Hi everyone!
    We have just bought our first ever caravan (1990 Swift Aloutte) and we're really sadly quite excited, after many years of me saying no chance cos they all smell like old lady pee.

    But now we have 2 toddlers, so you have to start making memories (even if it does involve a whiff of old lady pee).

    We're looking for an awning, does anyone know the best place to go? The dealer has a 2nd hand one, dorema entry level one which he said we could have for £150 but it's quite old and has had a new zip. So looking to see if we can get a good one cheaper? We're on a tight budget (otherwise we'd've bought one of those silver bullet stylie caravans instead - how cool are they? Bet THEY dont smell like old lady pee, heh heh) and so the cheaper the better I guess.



    Obvious places advertised on back of caravan magazines and you'll have no doubt searched via google. However, I got my last one at the end of the season. It was ex-display. In perfect condition at about 2/3rds the normal price. Its maybe a bit late now, but try ringing around. Someone may have a good ex-display left. Good luck.

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    Thanks for your quick reply, rep given!

    I know this sounds like a daft question, but I guess end of season would be September when the kids start back?


    More or less. Picked ours up few years back. Think it was 3rd week in August from in store. Here's their website incidentally…asp
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