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Found 7th May 2010
We're thinking of taking the kids to Center Parcs this year in the summer holidays. Just wondering if anybody knows of any good deals or codes available as I can't seem to find any and it seems quite expensive.

Also is the place any good and which is the best site? We've been to Haven the last couple of years is it similar to that? The other alternative would probably be Butlins.

There will be 2 adults and 3 kids traveling by train from Liverpool if that helps.

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The Longleat one is a short taxi ride from Warminster train station. I think it's about 3miles, but don't quote me on that cos it's been a couple of years since I've been. Warminster is not too far from Bristol/Bath so if you can get down to Bristol it might be your best option for getting there.

I've only been to the Longleat site. I've been twice and loved it both times. First time was mid June and weather was beautiful with all the wildlife showing itself in int's full glory, Bluejay's included. The second time was the January after and it snowed whilst we were there. Both times we had squirrels come into the lodge, which was really cute. Got amazing photos and always found it to be a lovely place to be. Centre Parcs usually is expensive, even more so when the kids are on holidays.

From experience, they tend to do offers by email regularly but they are quite specific ie limited to certain accommodation/locations etc. They get snapped up very quickly. Best bet is to go to their website, order the brochure and the dvd and sign up to emails. You'll get regular emails from then on with offers etc (that's been my experience).

Just to say a lot of the activities are extra and aren't cheap. Swimming pools are great but very crowded in the childrens holidays.

Definitely watch their dvd before deciding if it's right for you. You might be a bit stuck if you don't have a car to get shopping/groceries in with you as the onsite shop whilst has a great range of stuff is obviously more costly that regular supermarkets.

If you do go, and are travelling with the kids make sure any luggage you have has wheels so it can be pulled as the sites are huge and you could end up with a LOT of walking to get to a villa or lodge!

Hope that helps. if you are looking at other options check out Gurnard Pines on the isle of Wight (near where I live). More independent kind of place and I've seen some great offers on their website before. Would feel like a real holiday too for the kids going on a boat.

good advice from dumpling there has been no deals or codes for a long time now have a look on the web site its the best price you will get
if its any help whinfell forest is a bit bankey
and sherwood is a lot flatter for getting about although that apart they are all very much the same
unfortunatly neither are near railway stations so it will have to be taxi to the parc
have you considered hirering a car and going to whinfell not a long journey and you can have a look at the lakes at the same time
if you can not afford the week try the four days because with the weekend you blink and its time to pack
good luck

We have been going to centerparcs for about 14 years now, been to longleat once, sherwood must be over 50 times and whinfell about 15 times.

Travel time (in car) from liverpool is between 2 hours, 2 and a half hours to whinfell and sherwood. Took about 4 hours I think to longleat. If you are going to have a long time travelling (e.g. going to longleat or elveden or travelling by train etc) then I would suggest going the day before and staying in a travel lodge, that way you can get to centerparcs for 10am and make the most of your first day

Unfortunately they dont do codes any more so dont bother looking

They say that the earlier you book the cheaper it is, but I dont agree with this. If you look for the exact same holiday dates for 2010 and 2011 they are the same! Used to be able to get some really good deals but not any more - we used to go twice a year and not even sure we will continue going once a year now!

If there is anything in particular you want to ask feel free to PM me, been going since I was about 8 so I know stuff from adult and child perspective

I like centerparcs and go about once/twice a year but you can be places a mile or so from the centre so bear in mind that there can be a lot of to-ing & fro-ing. As others have said you also have to pay for most activites there and they're not particulary cheap ( £8 for badminton). The pool is free & fantastic & is the thing we love most about there.

Butlins is very different and I also love it there. Lots to do for children & most things are free, and the extra things that you can pay for are cheaper than centerparcs. Again they have great pools but quite restricted opening times.

Butlins would be more akin to Haven - but the facilities & entertainment are better. Centerparcs is like a middleclass holiday park and very different - more peaceful & a nicer standard of facilities - but you do pay much more for them.

For younger children I'd choose Butlins - so much more for them. For older children and if cost is no issue then Centerparcs.

I don't know if you want to go further afield but Centre Parcs in France, Belgium and Holland always used to be much cheaper, even taking into account the ferry travel and it feels more of an adventure for the children.
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