looking for a cheap alternative to dji phantom drone quadcopter

Found 18th Apr 2016
Hi can someone please suggest a drone in £100-£150 mark which has following :

1) stable
2) GPS
3) FPV
4) HD video- must be stable and HQ.

I have syma x5c but camera is really poor.

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AskDroneDJI Phantom
you won't get much for that price I've been deciding whether to get the Dji Phantom standard for about a week now but keep talking myself out of it lol
there's plenty of sites that review drones
They keep it well hidden in their website but DJI offer student and education discounts if you (or somebody on your behalf) registers a student/teacher email address with them.

Absolutely love my Phantom Standard. Buy cheap: buy twice
You can get better for less, but you're looking at about £200 at a minimum for something close but not quite as polished (add another £50+ for FPV). You won't get it for your budget.
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