Looking for a cheap amplifier for an old pc with old speakers

    Parent's just called - an old amp that was driving the old speakers on their old PC just died.

    They're getting bamboozled by local shop wanting them to spend £199, and I said I'd find and order something.

    Needs to be simple enough that an old person can just plug in and go.

    Found this for a tenner delivered on Amazon and ebay - they'd be willing to spend up to £25. I don't like the spade connectors for the speakers - their previous amp was just a "push the wires into the spade grippy slot thing".…3GQ

    Thoughts? Oh, and preferably something that won't start smoking or come with a dodgy power supply - thanks!

    Third time of trying to post before filing bug report (just seems to be vanishing into thin air).
    EDIT: THIS time it posted, but it's doing a weird thing where you ask the question, then it wipes out all the details you entered and presents the text box again.


    How about a set of these

    +1 for above over a amp and old speakers
    if you want to use old speaker what speakers are you wanting to power ?
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