Looking for a cheap but nice journey stopover just off the m6 between Lancaster and Carlisle

I am driving up to Scotland in June and wondered if anyone could recommend a good and fairly cheap place to stay in an area between Lancaster - Carlisle and not too far off the m6? Or if anyone knows of any deals for places to stay in that area, I'd be most grateful - i've had a look myself for deals, but I might have missed something. Breakfast included would be nice, but I'm not too bothered really. A single room is all that's needed.

Thanks in advance!


depends on your budget..travelodge lancaster or penrith click on their website and key in the date you want or failing that ring tourist info for lake district..ive stayed in keswick many times but prices do vary...good luck

nice travellodge off the a590 in kendal about 4 miles on a straight road off the m6 (a590) or you should try the lakes perfection

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Thanks for that - I'll check those out. Reps added.


located between carlisle and lancaster
5 miles of m6 in sedbergh, lovely country pub
£30 including breakfast for a single/en suite
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