Looking for a cheap desktop pc with win7,preferably with extendable warranty

    My neighbor owns this terrible Zoostorm computer that wont register an external hard drive and now wont accept the vodafone mobile internet dongle he just bought.He's just about had enough of looking for drivers which never seem to work and so have i,does anyone know where he can get a cheap pc (£200-£300) that works straight out of the box,has windows 7& an extentable warranty.



    I've just ordered one for £200 from ebuyer it's a build it yourself but it's easy & you can't go wrong as all the fitments only fit one way/thing
    Plus theres loads of YouTube videos if you get stuck
    See my other posts for the Pc spec

    £215 would recommend upgrading RAM to 2GB (+£15.60), hard drive to 500GB (+£6.00) plus anything else that you might want.
    £275 with no real need to change anything
    Both include Windows 7. Delivery is £25. Standard warranty labour 3 yrs, parts 1 year, return to base, carriage free for first 30 days. Upgraded warranty 1 - £69 takes parts up to 3 years with everything else the same. Upgraded warranty 2 - £149 takes carriage free up to 3 years along with the parts and labour elements.
    Probably would go with the 2nd as slightly easier to upgrade if you so wish (has DDR3 memory as opposed to the older DDR2 in the 1st one and a much better processor) but either would be fine as a decent home PC.
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