Looking for a cheap football boots and hoody/coat for school..

Hi guys,

Im looking for a cheap football boots and a cool hoody/coat.

For the football boots it doesn't need to be special because im just going to use it for P.E anyway..My size is 7 for trainers.

Im interested in this but it got 3.50 delivery(I think) and was wondering if you guys know anything else that is the same price as this or something close. I don't really know much about football boots cos I don't play football. Do u guys think this one is enough for a beginner?


Im looking for upto £18 delivered or instore



Yer theres many for that price in store which include Umbro's also which i would say are better than Diadora there are also some Nike ones for sale but are them orange ones. Hope that helps

Original Poster

K, Thanks..

I went to sportsdirect but there were too many people so I cant browse properly.. :l
I like the design of this diadora one tho :-D

Try newitts.com, they have a lot of good items there
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