looking for a cheap gaming chair - can anyone help?

    It's for my little boy's birthday (but must also accommodate the other, much larger 'boy' in the house). Something like the x-rocker. Needs to be as cheap as possible but I can't really travel miles to collect which has ruled out any of the ones on ebay. Been looking for ages - can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance


    Supermod you have a limit which you will not exceed? Might be easier for people to help that way...

    Are these things actually any good?

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone - I've gone for the X Rocker II from Argos (£30 off, down to £54.99 - deal!). I'm not sure the V Rocker would have 'coped' with my husband :whistling: but it's another great price.

    It's my son's birthday on Monday so I'll give you the verdict then, but my brother has an X Rocker in his living room and I'll say this, it's mighty comfy!

    I hope I haven't been a bad Mum by getting him one though. It says 15 years + and he's going to be 6?!?! :oops:
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