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    Hi guys, i'm trying to go away on a shoe string to Turkey for a week or so. As i aint sure how i will get on by myself, plus hopefully if evreything goes well, I be travelling some more on my own, later in the year.
    What I like to know is, being on my own and not wanting to incur single supplament, who do you think best providers are. Also which way should you go? i.e do you go for a paxkage tour made up, or book the flight, hotel, transfer and food etc.

    If anyoone could give me an idea of what price i be looking at. I did see AI holiday some providers offering them at 280. I can find reasonable priced flights, but cant seem to find any hotels.
    Be most appreciated with any ideas and feed back Lee


    Was going to cost us £600+ for a cheap 1 week getaway in Turkey (next week). We was hoping by leaving it till the last minute it would drop in a price a bit - it did, around £550 now (Self catering)

    We arent going now as we are off to Tunisia a month later for 2 weeks anyway.

    If you can get a week AI for £280 I would take it. You will normally pay a similar price for a single person as you would for a couple (around 75% from memory).

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    thanks for reply. Well it was coming up at that price a few weeks ago. I cant seem to get nothing reasonable for a single person on AI basis. Now looking at b&b.
    I was only looking for AI, as I know food and alcholo are quite expensive in Tukey.So has any one got any tips they can help me with?
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