Looking For a Cheap Hotel in Edinburgh for Valentines Day

I need a cheap hotel for one night in Edinburgh on 13th Feb'09.
I will be staying overnight for some 6 hours.. the rooms should be good and comfortable.

I recently booked a mckever hotel for 35 bucks for one night in Glasgow.. looking for a similar deal, can anybody please please help...



Must be a hotel?

Can recommend you an awesome b+b

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B&B will do provided it is decent to stay with my wife.

4* worth a little extra, a bit out of the way.


£59 inc breakfast for 2 or 2 + 2 children

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Thanks.. for the link.... i will consider this option.. but I am more interested in a hotel deal..

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£59 is far away from my budget.

did someone post the travel inn sale on here the other day-£9 will that be on then?

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Can anyone provide a direct link to hotel ??

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Any updates on this ??

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I Guess everyone is running out of deals... in this section... Is that the case

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Any Updates

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guys wake up

novotel deal sounds good

tbh, you wont get one now, at the price, or anywhere near.

how long have you known you've had a GF/wife/partner? ... should've booked up long before now. you've tried to bump this thread on many occasions, and when people suggest a novotel you turn it down. And to come on here and say (and i quote)... wake up guys, its just not on. If people can help, they will - if they can't, its a waste of a post.

£35.00 certainly wont get you a hotel with brekky for one, nevermind 2 this time of year. If i were you, I would look on lastminute.com, or stretch to £60 for the novotel. By the time you decide on one, it'll be £75+

TBH £60 for a room with brekky is reasonable. what are you intending do to in Edinboro? ]TAKE A LOOK HERE!
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