Looking for a cheap-ish quad-core computer

Found 20th Jul 2008
Need a quad-core computer which is new with at least 3gb of RAM and a relatively decent graphics card (8600GT or better?)

Saw the refurbished Packard Bell but is there anything else? Willing to spend at most £500... not so sure about building a computer, if it's easy, can anyone recommend me good parts that go well with each other?
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Stock or overclocking?

Stock or overclocking?

err would rather not overclock...
Buy a Dell from Dell outlet then and add gpu of your choice.

They had a quad yesterday for £351 delivered......add gpu of your choice and a beefier power supply if required.

Edited for brain fart......been a long day
Building your own is pretty easy these days, it works out a bit more expensive than buying the best value Dell but does give the advantage that you can buy exactly what you want.

Just had a quick look on ebuyer, and you could for example buy a Q6600 Intel quad-core, Gigabyte motherboard, 4GB of Corsair
XMS ram, 500GB Seagate hard drive and DVD burner along with the very new, very powerful Radeon 4850 graphics card for under £390 delivered. You would need a decent case and power supply but you could certainly do this for (under) £110 so you would end up with a very powerful system for around five hundred (of course if you need to buy an Windows OS license this will cost another £60 and is why its hard to compete directly with the 'value' Dell offer...)
I think Dell outlet is the way to go. At the moment they have a C2Q 2.4, 2gb ram, 320gb HD, 256mb ATI 3650 for £339 delivered. So lots spare cash for upgrades.

Or C2Q Dimension's for just a little over the £500 mark but big spec.
corsair XMS2 RAM is the business, not had any crashes with mine yet! I also have a 500Gb Western Digital HDD getting about 32Mb/sec minumum, very good preformance
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