Looking for a cheap laptop

    Just looking for a cheap laptop, just want to be able to surf the internet so nothing fancy! Just be able to use a mobile internet service and surf the web when on a long train journey. Any help appricated.




    2nd hand on ebay for £110...


    Slow but steady any good.

    I have my trusty lil old Sony Vaio.

    Duron 800.
    128 mb ram.
    14.1" screen.
    XP home and discs.
    15gb hard disc.
    DVD rom.
    Belkin notebook case.

    Only thing wrong is the battery doesn't seem to hold it's charge so she may need a new battery.
    (but of course, given your criteria that could be a bit of a problem).

    She may be slow but she is fine for internet browsing/dvd watching/everyday office apps etc.
    Let me know if you are interested.

    Try bigpockets
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