Looking for a cheap laptop/web book for my gf to surfice for final year at Uni

    Right pretty straight forward really, I have about 200 to spend an need a reasonable spec web book or laptop for my gf to use for genaral surfing and maybe some word processing, with dvdrw drive as a bonus and a hard drive that will allow a few programmes to be installed any ideas people? help will be appreciated


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    Could you explain what she's surficing for her finals (and what 'surficing' means)? It may make it easier to help you/offer advice.:whistling:

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    i.e. she can use the internet, use basic office tools, and well watch dvd's im guessing thats all a student would need it for.


    You need to decide if you want a netbook (7" - 10") or a normal size laptop (12" - 17"). Actually if you want / need a dvd±rw drive you're not going to want a netbook as they have no optical drive of any kind.

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    yeah thats what i thought, but I dont want to fork out on a expensive laptop, was thinking a Dell Vostro, but not sure (oh an btw I am a mathematician spelling has never been a strong point so please ignore the spelling of suffice :P)

    I haven't seen any dirt cheap Dell laptops for a while now so I very much doubt that you'll pick up a new Vostro for £200 at the moment, unless it's a returned unit (dell outlet) or second hand (ebay).
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