Looking for a cheap mini Christmas tree

Found 18th Dec 2017
We were planning to put the decs up like usual but my OH ended up having an operation and can’t get Into the loft to get it all - I’m petrified to get up there so we said not to bother this year.

Hes a mega christmas person so I’d like to pick up a little tree for him to make him feel better, not bothered if real or fake, ideally some deco on it to save me buying it separately.

M&S do nice ones which they reduced last year but I was wondering if anyone had spotted a cheap easy one I could grab?

Thank you
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Got one in B&Q. 3ft. £2. Not a bad wee tree.
Although no decorations on it.
Go Orthodox: calendardate.com/ort…htm
You'll find plenty of free trees on the street before their Xmas
When you say mini, how miniature do you mean? Only because my son has a small 5inch real tree from b&q. But we also have a fake 2ft from b&q which was £2. And outside we have a real tree which is 3ft and it was £12. I'd go to b&q if I were you get well soon to your OH. Pictured is the real £12 one which is gorgeous.
32811396-JOXeW.jpgB&q £12 real tree. Lights £5. Stand already had but it's sold there for £7 x
If you have a Wilko near you, they've reduced all their xmas decs 50% off, they have all sorts , real and fake trees of all sizes.. xx You need a tree for xmas, even if it's just a little one x
You can get a mini one in Morrison's it's a plant so lasts longer£12
Thank you everyone! Argos have dropped theirs to £3.99 so I’m gonna grab a pink one and some silver balls, a star and tinsel from Poundland... the house will have a tree this year!
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