Looking for a cheap reasonable quality Nokia or Sony phone


    I'm looking to get a new phone, I don't want to spend loads on it as I always end up breaking them in about a year and its just not worth it. If the JCB Toughphone wasn't so ugly I'd get that.

    I'm going to get the O2 Simplicity tariff so the phone needs to be on O2. I'm looking for a Sony Ericsson or a Nokia (but not a 2610 as thats my business phone). I prefer Sony but that doesn't leave me with heaps of choice.

    I'd like it to cost under around £20-£60 but I'll go up to £80 for the right one, cheaper the better though as it won't last! I use the phone mainly for texts, followed by calls.

    Any good deals on at the moment I can pick one up from?


    2 Comments…ew/ tough phone but on T-Mob, worth a consider tho, Samsungs have great menus and some nice extra features

    good basic phone, fr calls n txts…cn/

    I had a good look, but not seen many good O2 offers, I'd recommend the 6300, but that has gone from £50 to £80 on O2, I bought mine from phones4u, was very good - next day service, so I'd recommend having a look there, compare handset prices here…es/

    40£ for my sony ercson k800i its o2 no scratches brillian camerra
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