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Found 18th Dec 2017
Hi just bought my 10 year son a phone for xmas, just looking for a decent sim only deal for it... just a monthly contract thing ...and under a tenner... the cheaper the better
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It’s not always the cheaper the better unless you control their usage make sure they don’t use data on all of their apps when they are out of the house, disabled background processing. On to sims do a search on here for virgin there is a couple of great 30 day deals if you are lucky to get to the right person. Then look at plusnet direct again searching on here there is a new one starting tomorrow. You could also try a three free data sim linked to a 321 pay as you go our youngest was on this for the summer was cheaper than a 30 day deal when he wasn’t using the phone much.




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Tesco you can have them capped also sky and 3 have good deals
Plusnet deals are pretty good too and can be capped
I'd recommend you keep your eyes pealed on the deals section, regularly some very good deals there. As other have said, plusnet is a very good network.
poolielad1 h, 29 m ago

anyone ever used …anyone ever used thesehttps://www.uswitch.com/mobiles/sim_only_deal/d4ca3749cddc4697b239a45b0161895304b8235a?comparison=bW89MC00MCZzPWJlc3RzZWxsZXImcD0vbW9iaWxlcy9jb21wYXJlL3NpbV9vbmx5X2RlYWxzLyZwbz0y

That's the one I've just ordered for my daughter, it uses three's network while plusnet is on EE's network I went for the IDmobile one because Three's coverage seems to be better than EE's near me.
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