Looking for a cheap weights bench

I'm looking to purchase a cheap weights bench. Will also need weights to go with it however I think the cheap set from Argos will do me to start with.
Im considering both of these: ebay.co.uk/itm…125?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649


Can anyone give me any advice? Also these both seem to be very generic weight benches with each companies logos stamped on them so if anyone can find the unbranded version for less can they let me know please?


eBay , multi gym are cheap second hand if you are willing to take apart and collect .

Those fly attachments are a complete waste of time, just use dumbbells for free weight flies, much better and you can get a more controlled exercise.

I personally would get the more expensive bench on the basis that it does both flat and incline, which you need as both hit different parts of the chest. If you could find one that does both flat and incline but without the added on very poor attachments at a cheaper price then get it.

For legs, you should learn how to do squats from the beginning , it will build your all over body stability and is the daddy of leg exercises. Yes a leg curl is also good, but you will be limited with those poor attachment things.

As for weights, I have not seen the ones you are on about, but try and get some good second hand cast iron ones, just advertise on your local Gumtree site or even try the Facebook selling pages, you may get a decent 50kg cast iron set for about £50. Don't worry about Olympic bar size and stuff, the thinner bars will be cheaper and will do you when you are starting out.

The reason why cast iron is better than plastic is because you get a lot more weight in a more compact size, meaning dumbbell curls can be brought right up to your chin for a full crunch, whereas plastic ones are too bulky and the weights hit your chest before you get the full benefit. Also a more compact weight means you can get more on the bars once you become comfortable raising your weights and can also be controlled a lot easier.

Also the resale value of cast iron is rock solid, if you find this sport is not for you then you will always get your money back, maybe even a small profit if you picked up a good deal. However, if you buy plastic ones you will have a nightmare trying to get rid of them, nobody wants them.

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this weight set: hotukdeals.com/dea…248

however this bench seems a good price and I would probably get some use out of the weights, even on the barbell?
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