Looking for a circular oven tray

    I recently got a microwave combi (oven, and grill). The problem is that the turntable stays on when using the oven, and all my my roasting trays dont fit! Does anyone know of somethwere I can get a circular roasting tray (like the pizza ones, only without the holes), or if there is none, then I could maybe settle for a perfectly square one.

    Any other advice you have in making use of my microwave will be appreciated!


    if you live near a matalan try there, im sure i seen a round baking tin (like a cake tin) not too long ago in there, if not maybe just asda or tesco?

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    are metallic items safe to use in the microwave?

    theres a round and square tin here what size did you want…724

    I have two round ones bought in pound shop

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    does anyone know if its safe to use a metal dish in the microwave when on convection oven mode?

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    does anyone have an answer to the question about being able to use a metal tray in the combi microwave when on oven mode?

    I am a sales cosultant for a microwave manufacturer, and yes you can use a metal tray when cooking on the convection/oven mode. Some manufacturers allow them to be used on the combi mode too.

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    well mine is a delongi, its the one thats on argos for £87 just now, do u know any particulars about that?

    When I bought my microwave, it has an oven built in & came with a circular metal tray, so I assume that you are meant to use the oven with the metal tray.


    Not so sure about Delonghi models, but I am certain it will be fine to use any metal cooking tray as there no microwave being used when you are on oven only mode. It should be no differet than using a normal convection/ conventional oven.
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