Looking for a contract phone with a decent freebie

    The missus is going on and on and on at me to get her a contract phone

    So im looking for one thats a good deal contract-wise, but that also has a decent freebie thrown in, as ive seen a lot of PS3+phone packages around

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and i will green rep anyone helping thanks...


    How about trying "TheLink". If you look at their menu on the left and click on "gift deals" you can choose the gift youd prefer.

    I think I am going to use them next week, got my pac code from o2 due to the change in their terms and conditions.


    If anyone hears on any better deals please post.


    Original Poster

    Ah thanks man, rep added

    I know I've droned on about this before.

    But free gifts are but a fraction of what you could get if you went the cashback route.


    18month £40 tariff.

    18x£40 = £720 paid

    Casback option: 16months free £640 cash in your pocket BACK if all claims are properly done etc

    PS3 option: £330 device 28days after signing up, cashback loss: £310

    Worth it for the sake of not planning properly?

    Please use:…909

    ]noxiousd your inbox is maxed out

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    shouldnt be now thanks

    erm one stop phone shop giv away nintedo?? exbox?
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