Looking for a cracking deal on a boy's bike.

Found 31st Aug 2010
He's 4. Anyone seen anything good? I think he needs a 14" frame.

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Also, I am now unsure now what is the right size. We don't want to take him to halfords as this needs to be a real surprise. The Argos one says it's 14" wheels, 10" frame??!??, good for 4-6 year olds, but it looks small to me. Hes a heavy set/well built 4 year old, and whilst I don't want something too big and dangerous for him, I don't want something he'll outgrow in 6 months. Any advice much appreciated.
We used this site not long ago for two adult bikes and I was more than happy with them.

We used this site not long ago for two adult bikes and I was more than … We used this site not long ago for two adult bikes and I was more than happy with them.http://www.bikes2udirect.com/

Thanks for that. There's good info on there about the sizing too. I think I'm back on the 14" wheel, anyone else got any personal experience?
I would say a 14" frame should be alright, we got our 4 year old a 14" Disney Princess bike for Christmas last year and got our 6 year old a 16" one, best thing would be to maybe take a trip to Halfords and actually have a look at the bikes yourself, that's what we did before deciding on what sizes to get.
Also don't forget that you adjust the seat and handle bars for height, I'm guessing this is a first bike so you don't want it to be too heavy for him, definitely go and have a look at them all built up though, it gives you a much better indication of what he'll need.
Thanks for the advice. I'll go and look myself, but I REALLY don't want him to know, so can't take him with me. Maybe there'll be someone with a bike at the park later I can let him have a sit on!
we bought a 4.5yr old a 16' bike which he rides really well with the seat and handle at lowest. ..and i think at 5yrs old, it will be fine- so more for the money.

but saying that, his neighbour has a 14' wheeled bike and its much, much more comfy for him- but at the time it looked like he'd have grown out of it pretty quick. infact, the neighbours kids are 6 and 8 and it looks like the boy could do wi' a bigger bike...

so after all that, a 14' wheel may be better. has he just turned 4, or is he nearly 5 if you get what im saying..
He's about to turn four - it's for his birthday.
Try Tescos as there bikes were on offer , we got our 6 year old boy a 16inch in June for £49 and its like bmx style and he will ptobably get a couple of years out of it , so i would deffo only go for a 14 inch at 4 years old (_;) and if it is too small then take it back , tesco are pretty good with returning especially if its exchanging
what about this ? sportsdirect.com/dun…053 we ordered our daughter a disney princess bike from there... i ordered teatime and it arrived the next day!

We have just bought our daughter a 14" bike for her 5th birthday but she has really short legs (age 3-4 in trousers) and the seat is at the very bottom at the moment and her feet only just touch the floor..

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I bought 2 bikes from sports direct yesterday for my 2 for christmas.My son is 5 and I have ordered him the 18 inch football one. He is quite tall though. How about this 16 inch one sportsdirect.com/avi…006. If he is average size I would go bigger and go for at least a 16 inch
Thanks for that guys, that site is really good. I've measured his inside leg and it's 16", the 16" bike says reccommended for a min 17" leg - so I'm still undecided! Might try measuring him again after dinner - see if he's grown. Some super prices on there too!
I've plumped for the 14" one, having read all the details it says that the 14" is good for legs 16-20" while the 16" is good for legs 17-21" - so not much difference. I think he'll be safer on the smaller one, for learning and then hopefully will progress to a bigger one quicker so his younger brother can adopt this one in still fairly good nick. All in he's getting the Dunlop Hero bike, with matching helmet and pads, and a puncture repair kit for £60.97 delivered from the site mentioned in the above couple of posts. Thanks guys - another great deal found.
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