Looking for a DAB Alarm Clock with 3 alarm settings for Mon-Fri, Sat and Sun plus Ipod docking


    My wife has just announced that she would like an alarm clock that knows when its the weekend so doesn't go off at 6.20am like we have for Mondays to Fridays. Basically she forgets to turn the alarm off so it goes off on Saturday mornings at 6.20 ! Ha ha.

    So I thought could anyone recommend an alarm clock that has three alarm settings, is DAB and has an Ipod docking station.

    I'm willing to spend £60-£100 on it.



    I've been using a mobile phone as an alarm for the last 7 years - that has individual day settings - so no weekend alarm calls at 5.00am (for me that is !!) - so would have thought there would be a radio out there with a similar faciity

    sorry I couldn't have been more help though

    Search for the dcb310. I have the none dab version and it offers those alarm functions, so I would assume this does the same. The sound that comes from this unit is fab. Sorry can't post a link as sending this from my iPod!

    If you use the IPOD as the alarm (ie wake to IPOD music) then any docking station will do......On the IPOD I have (V2 ? Nano - the wider one) you can set your alarm to repeat every day Monday to Friday!

    It may not work on older IPODS (although I suspect its the software that drives this feature!

    The Pure Siesta is a DAB alarm clock, with three alarms. It's the one I've got my eye on, but just waiting for a price drop to nearer £30, than the current £40-£45. :thumbsup:

    It also gets great reviews, apart from the auto-dimming display, which some feel dims too much, while others say it's perfect...

    I have a Pure Siesta which has 3 different alarms - a one off, a weekday only or a weekend only so works perfectly :-D would thoroughly recommend it.

    I got mine for £40 from Amazon last January so they are sometimes on offer just keep your eye out!
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