Looking for a debit card looking for a debit card,not really bothered what bank its with,does anyone recommend any,preferably with an inncentive with it i.e free £50 lol

    i dont want one where i have to put a certain amount in each month


    Have a look at banks on quidco or rpoints. Maybe your best bet for cash incentive.

    Original Poster

    thanks col will look now


    I think all the ones that offer cash incentives require you to put so much in per month.

    On the subject, I'm now 16 and looking for a proper debit card/chequebook arrangement (not a current account, still a savings account as I'm still in full time education.) I head Lloyds TSB offer a Visa debit card, are there any better offers around in terms of chequebook?

    [SIZE=2]How about a Nationwide FlexAccount. You get debit card/cheques. Best of all, there are [COLOR=blue]no handling fees for withdrawing cash[/COLOR]. Quite a good rate of interest paid . On-line banking. No charges for overseas withdrawals.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2]They aren't actually doing any deals that would suit you, only if you're earning & transferring, but I've had my account for years & always found the service good. Also, bear in mind how quickly the 'rip-off' handling fees can mount up (charged by most banks) when you need to get cash out from the machine.:p [/SIZE]
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