Looking For A Decent Bluray RW Drive - Not Just BD Reader !

    Hi All

    Im am in search of a Bluray Writer Drive, NOT Bluray Reader. Seen some on SVP but start at £160 odd ?! Not willing to pay that sort of money, seeing that they will come down in price significantly in x amount of time.

    Is there anywhere else that i could buy a decent drive for up to the £100 mark???



    i've only checked ebuyer, but may be a little cheaper…317

    cheapest you will find is £130:…9-0

    i wouldnt bother getting a writer at the moment, discs are expensive so are writers and they are slow. Wait for 8x drives and 8x media. currently only 4x media is available in uk, which takes about 30mins for 25gb disc. hardly any dual layer discs available.

    I've also been keeping my eyes open for when blu-rays fall in price - but there's still some time to reach the £100 mark (I guess it will be just after Christmas)

    Great find hajj_3 - that's the best by far I've seen !
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