Looking for a decent budget moped

    Hey... i'm looking for a budget 50cc scooter for my son who is turning 16 next month.

    Does anyone know of any decent recommended sites I can look at for a budget model. Hoping to spend about £500 - £750 max.

    Thanks in advanced.


    How about an electric scooter! :-)
    Currently £406.61 delivered 10p charge = 40miles…295

    The electric scooter is certainly intriguing. I ride a bike every day and the really cheap expansys deal really got me thinking...

    However, those bikes have largely been untested and their running costs, including battery replacement etc. are not confirmed, so if you want to go with regular internal combustion, you could do worse than try these guys:…tml

    Now, you have to remember that these guys are supplying Chinese bikes, which don't have the tens of millions of pounds of testing that japanese bikes go through, so they're always going to be much worse. They are also 1/4 to 1/3 the price, so you have to bear that in mind.

    They featured in a consumer program lately (I can't find the link off-hand) as a terrible company that hides that fact that you have to build their bikes up etc. These complaints were mainly brought to the attention of the authorities by people who had not researched their market very well, and expected their bikes to arrive all made up and working.

    You'll probably have to attach handle bars, a wheel or two etc., but if you are competent with a wrench, then you should have no problem, and it shouldn't take you any more than an hour. You should also check over all brakes, bolts etc. ideally with a torque wrench to make sure that they're all good, and check again after the first hour of riding, then daily, then weekly for the first month until you're sure that nothing is going to come loose.

    These are all things that a proper biker would do when buying a second hand bike anyways, and for a young person into biking it will be a fun and rewarding activity!

    Happy biking!
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