Looking for a Decent Desktop PC ( Quickly Please )

    Long time looker 1st time poster so pls be gentle.

    Looking for a decent desktop PC for around £200 - £250.

    I have a graphics card so not bothered about that.

    I've looked around but cant really find anything cheaply.

    Can any one help me please?


    Novatech bundle...

    do you also need a monitor/speakers/wifi connection etc? Dell do decent spec base units quite cheaply if you don't need all those extras

    if you just want a base ( ie no monitor) go to dixons and type in refurb, and then get the monitor from elsewhere.
    they did have triple core amd for £249

    Original Poster

    sorry for the late reply...all i need is base monitor.speakers,keyboard,mouse or anything else as i have all that.

    will check out the above

    Original Poster

    I will even attempt to build myself if someone can reccommend a good place for some parts. A nice dual core or an amd 6000+ upwards
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