looking for a decent external Hard Drive

    Right i've seen alot of good "offers" ob naff external hard drives out there and really need to upgrade frrom my 350gb one i have atm

    wondering if there are any decent deals for something that isn't gonna break down on me and lose all my stuff as i've had this happen before and its not pretty!!

    any links offers advice on what to go for or look out for would be awesome

    not looking to spend over 60ish quid at a push tbh as long as its bigger than what i got atm

    rep added for reliable support

    cheers for reading and hopfully helping!!


    i have a 500gb western digital mybook i dont need.

    £40 delivered

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    i have a 500gb western digital mybook i dont need.£40 delivered

    got a link to what it looks like and spec size colour etc?

    btw rep'd both previous posters very tempted on that Hitachi good price best i got so far is a western digtal 1tb at 57 pound summat pence so still on the hunt!
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