Looking for a decent-ish mobile phone (with buttons!)

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Found 22nd Apr 2010
Hi, I'm looking for a deal on decent-ish mobile with buttons, the LG cookie I've got at the moment has put me right off of touch screens lol I've got about £50 although I wouldn't mind spending abit less or abit more if it's worth it. Only requests I've got is that its got a radio, a memory card slot and can hold a decent amount of texts (I hate having to delete texts every 5 seconds). Would prefer a new phone but would consider clearance models and the like. I have been looking at some of the cheaper Sony Ericsson's but there's so many models it's starting to get confusing lol Cheers


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Oh and I'm on orange...forgot about that lol

No wonder you want a new phone! the touch screen on the LG Cookie is RUBBISH, I'm hoping to get a new phone too but don't know what to get. I have had that phone for just over a year.

How about this one carphonewarehouse.com/mob…PAY

£34.95 + £10 top up for a new sim card. Comes in black or pink

It's a slide phone, comes with Radio, memory card slot, I guess it can hold a good amount of texts.

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haha too right, I refuse to text anyone any more, I just ring them instead lol the c3050 is the phone my girlfriends got in black, so unless I get it in pink to avoid confusion I think I'm gonna have too find something else Wish I just got a decent phone now, rather than getting an automatic cash deal! lol
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