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Found 2nd Jun 2017

Im in the middle of renovating my house and have taken the whole lot back to brick (Mrs loves me right now, honest). We were thinking as the house is in this state, it might be a good time to pre-wire/purchase a multi room audio system, but I've been out of the AV game for a LONG time, so no idea what I'm looking at really. I have 3 rooms I want audio in; garden (outdoor rock type speakers), kitchen diner & bathroom. I'd like to run the whole thing streaming from a laptop and/or mobile device, so am looking for something fairly techy with bluetooth or wifi etc although don't mind hard wired if it means not compromising on sound quality. I've heard the Sonos connect:amp mentioned, however unless I want the same music in every room at the same time, it seems I'd need to buy 3, and at £499 a pop, they're out of budget. I'm hoping there may be a half decent chinese alternative (much in the same way there seems to be a handful of half decent alternatives to GoPro etc) or just something a little lower end. I've found Yamaha in-ceiling speakers for £100/pair which get good reviews, unless you've got any better suggestions? I was thinking just some rocky looking things for the garden, it's pretty big though (the garden, that is) so I'm guessing I'll need 4 for there.

Any help much appreciated!!!

Thanks :-)
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The Sonos connect amp simply turns your av system speakers into Sonos compatible speakers. I have a Sonos play 1 in each room and a Sonos connect in the living room. They can all be played simultaneously with the same music or individually with different music. The play ones can also set up as stereo pairs.
If you have any existing audio systems that you like, so long as take aux input (including optical), can bring them into the connected speaker age with these...... whathifi.com/goo…iew Support multi-room. Can also buy whatever hifi, soundbar, amp etc. and add an adapter. Not perfect but I like them. Friends have Sonos and like it, but a premium price to have working out the box (not disputing the quality, great sound).
Bluetooth not great option from my position.
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just be careful its not so long ago people where spending thousands wiring up their homes for stuff that then went down the wifi route.

just be careful its not so long ago people where spending thousands … just be careful its not so long ago people where spending thousands wiring up their homes for stuff that then went down the wifi route.

​I agree completely. Music is fairly data friendly so I imagine wifi will take care of your needs except for maybe the likes of ceiling speakers going to an amp, say. You could connect up several chromecast audio devices in this way which is a fairly cheap option compared to Sonos. If I were in your position, I'd be thinking about running Cat7 into each room gearing up for the next couple of decades of UHDTV. Your wife is lucky really, not many blokes upgrade their entertainment from the ground up, it should last you many years. Just be careful like the previous poster said, look forwards to where technology is headed rather than the past.
Whilst you got everything off I would run conduit for both ethernet and analogue audio. I've only had experience with Chromecast and Airplay but found the wifi streaming audio delay between pressing play and getting sound really annoys me. Keep your options open as I would prefer a Raspberry PI/android touchscreen music setup in the room which I could link to a NAS drive and access all my FLAC/ALAC/DSD/MP3 files from.
I've got Sonos and the higher end Alexa. whilst I love Sonos and think the sound quality is great, I can't help feel Alexa or the Google alternative May be the future. I have two ZP120's and 1 Play 1. If I were to do it again, if I had thd budget, I'd probably just use Play 1s or 3s which weren't out when I bought the 120s.
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