looking for a decent OLED SMART TV 55 inch

LocalFound 26th Jul 2017
Hi guys im looking for a decent OLED SMART TV 55 inch preferably Sony as i like the Android OS,want to pay upto £1,600 max, i know there expensive,
But looking for a deal also if i can get interest free

Would appreciate it
Thanks again
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The Philips POS901 also has Android and will probably drop in price sooner than the Sony. It reportedly has a slightly better processor too, although both are models you'd be shocked to find in any sort of high end phone (e.g. four 1.1Ghz A53 cores in the Sony).

Don't expect the price to drop to that level any time soon though, you're likely looking at next year's model clearance for a £1600 Android TV OLED.

The only thing at that price right now is the 2016 models from before LG started selling panels to other companies, like the B6 and C6
Lg c7
LG C6 I paid 1400. Stay away from sony if you want android just buy a box tv or something similary.
Paid £2100 for a 65" Sony 2 months ago & have problems with catch-up errors.
Feel like sticking it on gumtree already & taken a loss on it.
Well sony have bad cpu s , thats why you have to ckeck ups befour you buy ..thank for your honestey
Thanks guys appreciate the info
What you think of this m.richersounds.com/!/product/lg-oled55b6v
Excellent TV purchased one last November but a bit dearer.
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