Looking for a decent site for unlocking phones




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Hopefully one where you don't have to pay!
Just got given a Motorola Razr V3i, it's on the wrong network and I need it unlocking.
Rep given for good sites.
Thanks in advance!

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Thanks to you both. I have just been recommended one, she told me it was good and that she'd used it herself.
So i gave it a go seem as tho it was only £2.79 via paypal.
Put in my details, then it said the motorola's are more complicated to unlock and that it would cost £5.99. I thought it was still better than going to a shop and paying £15.00. So I paid. I got to Paypal check out and they had added another £1.05 for tax, so it was £7.04 altogether!
Nowhere on this site does it mention that tax will be added on. Its states phones as all costing £2.79, doesn't mention anything about £5.99. On top of that it says it unlocks your phone in 24 Hours.
Just got an email that says it takes up to 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feel like I have just been royally shafted!
Grrrrr and double Grrrr.
Also says if phone isn't on main list then no refunds ... guess what? mine isn't on the list!
So much for the good website.
Here it is so you can avoid it forever: [url]www.unlockcentral.co.uk[/url]
I could have bought myself some cheap shoes off Ebay with that money, so annoyed!

i think MSE have a concise list / information thing about it...
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