Looking for a decorator

    Hi, i have just ordered some wallpaper and am looking for a handyman that knows the profession who will take on the job, i am in Leicester, anyone know of anyone, cheers


    Me, but I steal from your handbag when you aren't looking.


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    Me, but I steal from your handbag when you aren't looking.

    Lol, thats not very saintly is it!!!

    Dodgy , dodgy , getting a total stranger to come round to your house from the net . Ask some of your local friends to recommend one . I'm a decorater , been papering for 36 years ...................I do stop now and again for a cup of tea though , but I live up north and have plenty of work . I just work part time and in the school hols .Advice is free should you need some ! But do try to get some one local who know's there job . There is an awfull lot of cowboys about .

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    ok thanks for the advice, i have called a local guy i found in the local paper, hes coming to give me a quote on monday
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