Looking for a Dell Quad Core PC for under £500

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Found 28th Oct 2008
Hi everyone, Whilst I was lucky in getting one of the Tesco QC Dells a few months back, my Sister wasn't. She is currently looking for a QC Dell with capacity for 4GB of RAM and a half decent GFX card (She's doing a course on how to design websites) A monitor wouldn't go amiss either. Are there any e-codes floating around for this type of PC. I could build her one, but she's a fussy devil and I've learned my lesson!

Many thanks


they still sell the dell one in tesco, my local one had some instock last week (my mate bought one) try looking in your nearest tesco extra

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They didn't have any in my local one a few weeks back. I'll try again. I did think they had stopped selling them :?


Manufacturer Warranty 1 Years Cover included
Intel Quad Core .
Q6600 Processor
2.4 GHz
1066 MHz processor bus
8 MB Cache size
3072 MB memory (RAM)
640 GB Storage
512 MB dedicated graphics
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
10/100 wired networking built-in
14-in-1 media card slots
6 pin firewire port.
8 USB 2.0 slots
VGA Port .
PCIe x16 = 1 PCIe x1 = 1 PCI card slots .

Comes with a Nvidia 512mb 8600 gts aswell

Even the most basic graphics card is far faster than you need for websites so don't worry about that, these days even phones can display websites!

If she's fussy then will a dell be good enough?

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Thanks for the all the help.

My Sister's also going to be using Photoshop and other quite CPU/Memory/GFX card intensive programs as well. The reason I'm not building her a PC is because she will "kill" it within about five minutes. If it comes with a warranty, then it's out of my hands

Goddammit, I've just ordered the Dell Vostro 410 and seen the above deal.. and as I ordered it as a business customer, i've no right to cancel

Oh thank god, Dell were out of a part and let me cancel. Will be picking this up from Comet tomorrow for the extra 20 quid.

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I've now ordered the Acer for my Sister. It's a shame you can't open it, but at least it's got 3gb of RAM and a half decent GFX card in it as well (And as Vista 32bit only registers 3.5gb, who cares?)

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